Lenovo Channel Chatter

Business Partner Executive Summit 2020

November 17, 2020 Lenovo Season 1 Episode 5
Lenovo Channel Chatter
Business Partner Executive Summit 2020
Show Notes

Stephen Miller, Lenovo Ambassador and Podcast Host, talks with Lenovo North American leadership including Rob Cato, Jeff Taylor, Stacey Goodman, and Joe Pinnix about the recent, virtual 3-day Business Partner Executive Summit. Because 87-90% of Lenovo’s business is through the Channel, this event was a big deal. It culminated with a LIVE virtual performance by the Jonas Brothers on the last day.

Rob Cato explained the power of engagement and how it affects every aspect of Channel business. And Jeff Taylor detailed how the virtual situation allowed more coverage and personal interaction with better access to more people to talk about services and programs. Topics included: 

  • Why Programs matter
  • Evolving to take advantage of our new reality
  • Aligning Partner and Lenovo goals
  • Accelerating a services-solutions focus
  • Optimizing technology in this world of limited personal interaction


Tune in to hear all about this riveting virtual experience.